Lots of Little Bits and Pieces

IMG_2938I’ve spent the last couple of days going through all the scenes I have written for my new writing project.  I’ve characters and, forgive me for the cliché, the concept of the piece, but I’ve yet to find the over arching narrative.  It’s all just bits and pieces, some are possibly chapter length, but many are short sketches.

For a while I’d been thinking of it as the beginning of a patchwork quilt, an off-cut here, a few stitches there, cutting up a couple of old garments that have worn through and saving the usable bits, and matching them up with other little scraps from the back of the cupboard.

It’s all displacement activity, but my motivating metaphor for today is that of the mosaic, tiny bits of coloured stone all arranged meticulously to create complex patterns; in the days when this floor was being made, there would have been piles of tesserae, some wet concrete and people on their hands and knees, slowly, inch by inch creating an orderly pattern out of the mess.  That.  That’s the stage I’m at, I just don’t quite have the diagrammatic map yet.


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