The Need to Read

IMG_2946I’ve not been reading enough lately, even though I am an adherent of the belief that it takes a better reader to make a better writer.  I’ve had a couple of false starts with novels that I began to resent having to carry around with me, and found myself reading newspapers left behind in train carriages rather than take the offending volumes out of my bag.  So I’ve abandoned the attempts at these worthy books from ‘the canon’ and instead am about to launch myself on the pile of new (ish) releases I’ve recently acquired variously through the generosity of others, and out of seeking refuge from the snow in a book shop yesterday.

I’ll let you know how I get on, but in the meantime, it’s always good to have a photo of some books.  These were in the window of a second hand shop in Galerie Vivienne in Paris.

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  1. Totally agree, and I give up on books, usually around p.100 if I’m still not biting. Life’s too short, etc 😉 I currently have a large TBR pile, so not buying any more until all are read – or dispensed with 😉

    • Hi Louise. Thanks for visiting the blog! I used to think ‘I’ve bought this so I’m going to finish it’, about books, films,plays, and then a friend said that her attitude was ‘I’ve wasted my money on this, there’s no way I’m wasting my time too’, and I suddenly felt free to abandon things which haven’t engaged me. It’s certainly better to start on something new than punish myself by carrying around a doorstop of a book that I’m not enjoying while the TBR pile keeps growing. You’re right – read or ‘dispense’!

  2. I’m so curious which books you abandoned… maybe next blog post?! 😉

    • It’s sort of shaming to admit the ‘great’ books I’ve never managed to finish. The latest abandoned tome was ‘Parade’s End’ by Ford Maddox Ford. The BBC just did a brilliant adaptation of it, but I simply couldn’t get into the writing.


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