Music and Movement

IMG_3008Even if we didn’t actually have any music, this week’s class was about capturing movement.  We had a model, and life drawing, as I expect I’ve said before, is my least favourite aspect of this learning to draw adventure.

But if we do have to sketch a person, it’s best for me if we have to do it quickly, because if we’ve only got three/five/ten minutes, and the model isn’t even sitting still, how can we expect anything other than to make a bit of a mess?  It’s when I’m left with more time and a requirement that it all be in proportion that it all tends to go really wrong…

So these are the best of the several rapid sketches I managed at yesterday’s class (and no, although the model was very slender, he didn’t have spindly legs like that – he’d never have been able to stand up on those calves….)IMG_3010

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