How Secret is the ‘Secret Garden’?

IMG_3054I know, I know.  When you go around a stately home, you’re meant to admire the draperies, the wallpaper and the paintings upstairs and the brass pots and pans downstairs.  This last weekend, while I did plenty of that, as well as craning my neck to see elaborate stucco ceilings and stained glass windows, I was also struck by some of the things on display as interesting ‘antique’ curios which we still have in use in our family home, as well as this sign.

Is it possible to signpost a secret garden and for it to remain secret?  By the act of pointing it out to all comers, is the National Trust not depriving it of its secret status?  Or am I taking this too seriously?

And what about the Sitooterie?

It is indeed an area in the garden designed for sitting out it-  a bench beneath the trained branches of a tree. A fairly recent addition to the gardens at Blickling Hall to keep everyone interested, at least the sign entertained me.

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  1. most curious! and what of the temple?

    • I didn’t go close enough to see it in detail – its main purpose was to provide a focus for one end of the garden I think….a sort of summer house fronted with doric pillars. Other things were more interesting!


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