A Lovely Surprise

2013-03-19 15.10.42Just look at my lovely new slippers.

They have arrived by post in a envelope from South Africa, but mainly through the great generosity of my friend Jill.  We’ve never met each other in person, but we have been corresponding via the internet, through our respective blogs and more directly, for the last couple of years.  In response to something I had written about slippers or the lack thereof, Jill offered to make me some.

And here they are, and so well colour co-ordinated for lounging on my sofa.

It’s like a little bit of magic.

It’s one in the eye for all those who lament the dehumanising effect of spending  time on the computer.

Do go and visit Jill on her blog Nice Piece of Work; you  never know what will come of it(!).

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  1. Any excuse to put your feet up, right?


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