Just an Ordinary Weekend Away


Here we are with a series of ‘firsts’.

It’s the first time I’ve been to Istanbul; in fact it’s the first time I’ve been anywhere in Turkey.

I’m also still in the early learning phase of how to use my shiny new sweepy swipey mobile phone, and working out how to hold it properly still and straight-ish to take a photo. And given that WordPress has declared this a month dedicated to posting photos taken with one’s phone, and I’ve been ignoring the daily exhortations until now, maybe today is the right day for my first attempt, courtesy of the hotel wifi (another first, sort of).

It’s a tad stressful as the process has crashed a couple of times now, and I’ve lost beautifully crafted prose (!) So I’m going to cut my losses now, and see what happens…..

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  1. Confirm: text and photo transmitted correctly. ISTANBUL – you lucky lucky lucky fish….

    • Thank you. It was a lovely weekend, but a full on tourist experience. So many photos that it may be difficult to avoid them for a while once I get organised!

  2. We enjoyed a winter weekend in Istanbul…extraordinary city. I was sad the Harem at Topkapi Palace was closed for conservation, but what we saw in those all too brief 4 days I will never forget.
    Today I will wear my Grand Bazaar pearls & think of your exploration…

    • I didn’t make it inside the topkapi harem for lack of time, but did see the one in the Dolmabahce. But only modest shopping in the Grand Bazaar – my patience with the hassle factor is extremely limited!

      • Three Moir sisters danced the night away under the supervision of our guide Aslan Kutuk…

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