They’ve Called it The Shed

2013-04-09 17.34.59There’s no missing the new structure that’s been built beside the National Theatre on the Southbank.  In the land of grey weathered concrete, The Shed shouts out its difference.  It’s wood, and it’s red, bright red;  it looks sort of upside down with four feet sticking into the air, and at the moment it is still smelling woody.  It’s just got to be visited.

It’s been built to house new productions suitable for a small house, while the Cottesloe Theatre is being remodelled.  I’ve not been inside yet, but rest assured I will get around to booking to see something, if only to satisfy my curiosity, and to be able to say that I’ve been inside.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the serendipity that caught a plane in my snap.

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