A Different Perspective

After spending a few days away while some repairs were being done to my flat, I returned home with some trepidation, wondering what I 2013-04-21 16.45.04would find when I opened the front door.  In truth, I was surprised to find that some reasonable efforts had been made to tidy up and leave the place in order, albeit an unusual one.  The replacement of the floor had meant that everything had been moved, and it had been replaced in quite an eccentric arrangement, or at least, one quite different to the way I had left it.

It could have been laziness, but I prefer to think it is more like a little open mindedness, but I decided to leave it as it was, and only move something when I found that I needed it to be in a different place.  I’ve also tried sitting on each of the chairs and sofas to see the world from a different angle; I thought it might be interesting, or indeed that I might prefer it.

The side tables were the first things that were definitely in the wrong place – there’s always a coffee cup that needs a place to sit, so having the tables at the far end of the room in a row was never going to be efficient.  Next was the light, which illuminates the otherwise rather dim corner; but the green chair was there, so I had to reposition that first.  And then I had to work out how the tangle of wires and cables had been reorganised to get everything working, and I can see how my ‘make it up as I went along’ solution to power cables might make it look like I have some kind of fetishistic obsession with extension leads.

But the little sofa is still in the bay window, and although I don’t think it will stay there permanently, I did enjoy sitting in it yesterday morning while the sun was so bright.

While I hate the upheaval, I can see that it does me good to be forced to look at the world from a different angle every now and again, and to not take my home environment entirely for granted.  I know I will adapt very quickly to the new norm; I noticed that, the five months I had lived with the holes in the damaged floor have been long enough to make me used to stepping over certain spots to avoid the rough edges and bumps, so much so that I continue to do it even though the surface is now pristine and smooth.

It’s a lesson to remember that it’s good to shake things up every now and again, although I will be endeavouring to do it without the precipitating plumbing disaster next time.

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