A Street of Contrasts

This week in drawing class we were sent outside to Red Cross Street in Southwark to capture information to use as the basis for a collage we will make next week.  The street was chosen both for its proximity to the art school, but also because of the extraordinary contrasts that exist in a very short stretch of road.

2013-05-01 21.50.36At one end there is a small park, with a pond and two rather frisky ducks, in the middle is a primary school and the memorial of a site used in the 17th and 18th centuries as a cemetery for prostitutes, overhead are the viaducts for the railway lines into London Bridge station, and at the other end is a trendy restaurant and some flats carved out of warehouse space, and a large construction site hidden behind high hoardings.

Although it was a sunny evening, when dusk started to fall, it grew chilly very quickly, so many of my 2013-05-01 21.50.27sketches were rudimentary at best.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was however fascinated by all the the instruction notices on the buildings and hoardings; so many little homilies and exhortations to implement  safe working practices, and to be considerate to others, while not parking, loitering or generally causing any kind of nuisance.  I had to move away from all the notices for fear that they would be the only notes that I had in my sketch book, probably not the best basis for the composition of a collage next week.

But in the interests of allowing you to see the development of this project, these are my only notes of the street.  This final one, attempting to capture just how much the nearby Shard dominates the sky in the 2013-05-01 21.50.46area around London Bridge.

I feel some kind of wordy composition coming on….

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