Collaging the Contrasts

2013-05-08 20.45.46Following on from last week’s class when we sketched in Red Cross Street in Southwark paying particular attention to the sharp contrasts in the small area, this week we had to make a collage reflecting on our impressions  of the place using materials we had made or collected ourselves.

As I had been fascinated by all the exhortations and homilies on the hoardings around the building sites on the street, as well the prohibitions on various signage, I noted all the words and phrases and printed them in various sized fonts and in different arrangements on coloured paper (it was almost like doing homework).  By the time I had finished, the words and phrases had lost their meaning, but retained only their shapes.

Then, I cut, tore and scrunched for a couple of hours in class, with increasingly gluey fingers and attempted to make an impression of the view from the little park, dominated by the looming Shard, and an ugly square block, but still blooming with luxuriant trees, and tulips, and its own sun dial.

It’s ‘automatic drawing’ next week, whatever that is!

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  1. Clearly you had a good time playing 🙂

  2. Go sell your work at the Shard!
    Automatic drawing sounds like you will be having a Seance?

    • Ha! I think they would see though me at the Shard. I’m hoping for a seance next week too!


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