An Odd Angle

2013-05-01 19.32.49I do enjoy finding a new and unexpected perspective through which to see the city around me.  I’ve frequently remarked on how many places it is possible to see the Shard from, even places where one would have thought it must be obscured.  The area around London Bridge and Borough is entirely dominated by the shadow of it rising improbably high above everything else, and because the school where I’ve been learning to draw under its looming presence, I’ve spent a good deal of time looking at it as it was finished.

From this angle in Red Cross Street it makes all the tall buildings in the City of London, on the other side of the River look rather small and insignificant.  That’s the Gherkin and a sun kissed Tower 42 peeping out over the railway viaduct.  If all that construction continues, soon, those previously iconic structures will be dwarfed by everything around them, and we’ll forget how tall they used to look.

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