The Estorick Collection

2013-05-08 11.03.45I discovered the Estorick Collection thanks to the information accompanying my recent subscription for an Art Pass.  And then, when I saw where it was, just off Highbury Corner, I couldn’t believe that I’d never noticed it before.  It comprises a collection of modern Italian art, with Futurists works as its core.  On the day we visited it was in a changeover period between special exhibitions, so we were only able to see four of the galleries.

It’s a small collection, but well displayed in the rooms of a tall thing Georgian House in Canonbury Square.  We had the place pretty much to ourselves, with plenty of time to look at the works and to discuss them, and then to launch into those conversations about random connections between otherwise unconnected things that always seem to be inspired by looking at art.

What with the paintings, a nice cafe and a small courtyard sheltered by the surrounding trees, it’s a good place to spend a couple of hours of anyone’s time.

2013-05-08 12.57.43After our taste of European culture we went for a walk along the towpath of the Regent’s Canal.  Walking the length of the canal at some point is on my list of things to do when the weather and my energy levels permit, but this week we settled for a stroll of half a mile or so from the point the canal emerges from the Islington Tunnel along towards Hackney.

With the overhanging trees, the lunchtime runners and the cyclists ringing their bells to announce their presence, we might have been somewhere far from inner city London.  What is it about a body of water which improves an environment?  Were it not for the water it would be like walking along a road in an industrial estate, but with it, there it was possible at times to imagine we were in the countryside.

We were in search of lunch at the Towpath cafe, and we were rewarded, by being able to sit outside to eat, even if it was a little breezy, overlooking the newly built blocks of flats which now jostle along the banks of the canal alongside the remnants of the light industrial buildings which predate them by decades.  On the way back, we stopped at another cafe for a cup of tea.  It’s all very civilised and I can recommend it as a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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