On A Misty Morning

2013-05-06 11.28.30

This is the pier in Hastings.  The day before had been warm and sunny, and something about the cooling over night caused the length of the coast in East Sussex to be covered in this morning mist on Bank Holiday Monday.  It was considered significant enough an event for the mist air over Brighton to be featured on the local television news (which might say more about the quality of the news, and our love of discussing the weather, especially over Bank Holiday Weekends, than it does about the rarity of the meteorological event).

The pier has been through a few trials and tribulations in the recent past.  Over the ten years I have known Hastings it has grown more and more shabby and less and less of it has been open for access, and then, a fire nearly destroyed it a couple of years ago.   I believe there is now a plan, and some money, to restore it.  I hope so, as seeing it, even in its sadly bolted and barred, dilapidated state, on a morning like this, adds so much to the appreciation of the landscape and the sea.  The waves lap against the shingle beach, but we want to see more, to reach out; we want to walk out over the sea and hear and feel the water lapping under our feet.  There is something about the idea of a pier as a place of entertainment and promenade that feels integral to our seaside heritage.

With thanks to Ailsa for suggesting beaches as a theme for this week.

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  1. Great shot =) Thanks for sharing

  2. Beautiful…
    They made the Pier Master at Kilcreggan redundant. Poor Gavin Walker had followed his father Piermaster Peter Walker, and now they talk of fixing a pontoon to the lovely wee pier. Imagine the day when Coulport, Cove and Kilcreggan Piers were welcoming fine steamers, doon the watter fae Glasgow.
    Hope they restore this delight at Hastings!

    • I heard about Kilcreggan Pier. It’s rather sad that something so useful over so many decades would be cut back like that.

  3. Both powerful, image and writing. Beautiful! Thank you!


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