In the Background – A Photo

2013-05-25 12.48.40-1We’ve had astonishingly awful weather this last week, but for a short while on Saturday it was sunny enough to sit on a bench in Leicester Square and contemplate the hoarding around the statue of William Shakespeare which stands in the middle.

Leicester Square, for all its fame, and its central location attracting hoards of visitors has, in the last 10 years or so, by my reckoning, spent at least 5 years being dug up and titivated more than once.  And now it is evidently the turn of the statue.  Promised completion is Spring 2013, bit peering through the little windows in the hoarding, the project looks some distance from completion, so they must be timing it by reference to the weather rather than the calendar.

In the meantime, to divert our attention away from the absence of the statue, they have surrounded it with mirrors, reflecting the world back at us, and places our own images alongside selected Shakespearean quotations.  We chose to see ourselves alongside All the World’s a stage….. of course.

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  1. what are they going to do to the statue? I think he needs a bit of yarn-bombing 🙂 Is that your reflection next to the person in bright pink?

    • I’m not sure that yarn features in the plans for Will – I think it’s a bit of a clean and spruce up, but you never know. Yes that’s my sister and me….


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