It’s All A Bit Blue

2013-05-29 20.44.14Following my day of drawing in museums, I carried on into the evening at my class.  The title for the course this term is ‘Experiments in Drawing’ and that, does, I think, permit moments of splodging and flicking and just seeing what happens, without any kind of a plan: making a complete mess, even if you are faced with an Adonis of a young man as the model for the evening.  Just because he’s beautiful, it didn’t mean my work had to be.

It really all started with the ink being blue not black.  It’s so hard to tell when the Quink is in the bottle, but there on the page, instead of a sombre deep black that everyone else had, I had a dazzling bright blue.  But, as the teacher has frequently said, you have to incorporate accidents into the work itself.  The exercise for the evening was to create something by first covering the paper with ink, and then working into it with bleach and ‘non conventional’ drawing implements, collected and retained from last week for the purpose.  My implements comprised a feather, a couple of sticks, a washing up scourer, a piece of bark and a knotted piece of braided string.

This was the second set up of the evening, and at the first attempt I’d tried to be serious (bright blue notwithstanding), and the result didn’t look like anything very much, so when we started again, perhaps a little punch drunk from my day of concentrating, I went for a much more random approach, let’s call it ‘splashing bleach around with wild abandon’. ……. Let’s just say I’m pleased with the head and the supporting arm and leave it at that ……

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  1. Margaret

     /  May 31, 2013

    I really do like it very much indeed!


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