Fleeting – A Photo

IMG_1947_edited-1Here’s one that was but a brief moment, albeit one that was long enough for me to see the bird and for it still to be there by the time I had found my camera.

I don’t know what kind of bird it is, other than a very wet one.  It had been pouring with rain; there are still drops hanging to the underside of the railing, but the sky had started to clear.  I had been doing what I normally do at Cove Park: staring out of the window every time I raised my head from my desk, watching the weather, and the clouds rolling in and back, and the changing light and shadows on the hills opposite.

I have hundreds of photographs of this view in varying lights, at different time of the day and in different seasons, but this is the only time I caught a little bird visiting for long enough to pose for a photo.

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  1. they are not easy to catch. Bravo. If it has back and white and also some yellow feathers and somtimes a blue head it must be great tit.. We call it here for (talgoxe) great..Kerstin

  2. Homesick x


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