Drawing in the Africa Gallery

2013-06-14 21.35.58It was another evening of relaxing concentration sketching, this time in the Africa Gallery at the British Museum.  The fascination here is to examine unusual shapes and figurative representations, and to try to capture both their look and the texture.  The artefacts are displayed in large shining glass cabinets with focussed lighting.  I had a go at a couple of figure which were relatively simple curvy shapes, but which were smooth and shiny which I thought would be a real challenge.

And indeed it was, but I did make an attempt at both figures, although the second one was rather hasty as the museum guard counted down to closing time in ten minute intervals, anxious that we should vacate the gallery in good time.

I’m conscious that, notwithstanding the name of this blog, I’ve not written much about books lately.  This is mainly because I’ve been having a really disappointing run on novels; one of those periods where I seriously wondered if I’d lost the knack of enjoying a book.  The good news is that, much to my relief, I’ve just finished a novel I enjoyed, and have started another which has me gripped from the first page, and so now I’m feeling much more optimistic and will write something more about these books, because that’s a fun thing to do, while  there’s nothing more dispiriting than writing about a book which has not engaged me, and has felt like a little bit of a chore to read.

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  1. I’ve just finished Winnie and Wolf by A N Wilson, am wondering if you’ve read it and what you thought? I loved it, thought the narrator’s perspective was extremely unusual and well-thought-out; it also had me watching Hitler on youTube. Today I started Howard Jacobsen’s latest novel, Zoo Time. So far it’s a bit too self-conscious but still funny. I love his snide humour.

    • I’ve not read Winnie and Wolf, but will put it on the list; but I’m afraid I’m not at all a fan of Howard Jacobsen.


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