An Impossible Task

Can you tell what it is yet?

Can you tell what it is yet?

Ever tried drawing with wire?  It was a reinterpretation of the idea that drawing is taking a line for a walk – we were told to take some wire for a walk.  As much wire as we liked, from a choice of three gauges of thickness, to make a three dimensional representation.

We even had a model sitting there in front of us, a young man with an exquisitely shaped head and dramatic profile.  A model, some wire, wire cutters and hammers, although I couldn’t find an immediate use for the hammer.

I can honestly say that it is the sort of exercise I would never have persevered with were it not for the insistence of the teacher that we just have a go, and keep on adding bits. All that twisting and cutting and trying to keep it all from falling over played havoc with my manicure, I can tell you, even though after a couple of false starts, I kept mainly to the thinnest, most easily manipulated wire,

We were a very small class this week, but what was interesting was the very different approaches each of us took to the problem- each  equally bemused and struggling, but more or less willing to have a go.  I ended up with what was essentially a repetition of the profile, which handily folded flat what it came time to bring him home, others had much more rounded mannequin or helmet like forms.

Next week is the last class of term……

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  1. it’s very clear what it is! looks like you used the hammer to knock his brains out?

  2. a head standing on its neck? Apparently, it was a possible task after all

  3. I guess………….in this pic…………you will show a general phenomenon………..that…… mine eye……
    you will describe that how foundation stand on basement……:D
    just like the pic…….
    a skull hang on or stand on the neck……..
    A strong strategy is important for every thing………
    Is it Rowena?? 🙂


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