It’s a Blue Chicken

2013-07-30 11.09.04There’s a blue chicken sitting atop the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

No, I don’t know either.

It’s been there since the end of last week and is by Katharina Fritsch, who is German, so it is called Hahn/Cock 2013.

The pigeons don’t seem to mind, and are already perching happily on the handy perches it affords.

It’s very blue, and I’m hoping it will grow on me.


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  1. what would a blue chicken be made from, do you think?

    • Somewhat prosaically it appears this particular one is made from fibreglass, but really it should be bobbins and fluff and things scavenged from corners, shouldn’t it?

  2. you know what? I love the blue chicken, although I appreciate I may be in the minority on this one….

    • It’s sort of growing on me….. I get the whimsy and the jokiness of it, but still……


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