The Start of the Tomato Harvest

IMG_3401The reluctant gardener is back, watering and keeping an eye on the plants.  The cucumbers are still flourishing, and it’s continues to be a rare meal in which they do not feature, however, the tomatoes will soon be rivalling their fecundity.

This probably doesn’t look like much to those of you who live in warm, sunny climates, but in the unpredictable weather of the West of Scotland these small tomatoes, all 2 and a half ounces of them, represents something of a miracle of nature, ripening on the vine, as they did.  They are the vanguard of what looks like potentially a bumper harvest, but in their reddy orangeness were a surprise discovery when I was bending down to water the plants.

Something about the flamboyance of the stalks made me photograph them, and even suggested, for a brief moment, the idea of sketching them.

Enthusiasm may flag when the crop glut comes, but for the moment, the thrill of discovery remains.

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  1. A lot less reluctant, now that those babies are looking so pretty and sketchable !


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