It’s a Pig (or two)

2013-07-18 10.35.54Sometimes, when I’m looking through my photos, when I should be doing something more productive instead, I come across one that I either can’t remember taking, or if I do remember it, can’t remember why.

There’s the holiday snaps, and maybe one or two too many of the same view, taken in the hope that the next shot will be the definitive one, or the ones of the flat in a state of upheaval following one domestic drama or another, taken in case they’ll help in an insurance claim; there’s the ones I’ve taken of the outsides of theatres and museums to use in the blog posts I write about my experiences of them……

And then there’s this one.  It’s a pig.  Or more accurately it’s two pigs.  I know where I took it, at Ardardan Estate, farm and tea shop near Helensburgh, when we went to buy some things for the garden.  But I can’t really remember why.  Maybe because they are so odd looking.  They have names; unfortunately I didn’t take a shot of the board on which that information was imparted, but they are something like Ki and Wi, or Wi and Fi, that sort of thing.

About the only other thing  I can tell you is that Ardardan do nice cakes, but I don’t think that’s anything to do with the pigs.

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  1. Margaret

     /  August 30, 2013

    What a lovely photo ! I really love pigs ……… especially the rarer breeds!

  2. mmmm bacon 🙂


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