Weighing the Wool

I am still working on using up the surplus wool left over after the completion of my major knitting project.  As many of you suggested, IMG_3604I have had a go at making a bunnet.  I had a sort of slouchy Tam in mind, and I found a pattern showing a photograph of a model wearing a beret at a jaunty angle, and I though that was the one for me.  Having completed the hat, there’s no avoiding the fact that it’s much smaller than I had anticipated  and not what I had in mind; the model on the pattern must have an extraordinarily small head.

I will persevere with it, however, and consult with trusted advisers before deciding about whether I will wear it outside of the house or not.

I have also finished a child sized cable cardigan which is still in the sewing up phase, and yet the never ending ball of wall continues.  There is so much of it remaining that I decided there must be enough to make something else, and therein lay the dilemma of the day:  is there sufficient for another small jumper?

The pattern indicated that 300g would be required.  How can you tell if you have three quarters of a 400g ball remaining?

Yep.  I weighed it.  On my mother’s Victorian balance scales.  9 and a half ounces.  That’s less than 300g.  Really.  I worked it out on my calculator.  But there’s always surplus inherent in a pattern’s recommendations, isn’t there?  And if the wool came in 100g balls all it means is that you’d need 3 balls, right?

It’s a bit of a risk to get to the end of a jumper and find that there’s not enough to finish the neck.  (Let’s not talk about the five pieces of cardigan that have sat in the cupboard for the last 15 years waiting to be sewn together…)  But it seems too much wool, not to be able to do something with it….

So then I weighed the completed, but not yet fully sewn up child’s cardigan, and that was 7 and a half ounces.  Result.  I have enough to complete another one the same.


Don’t I?

I’ll let you know.

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  1. Knitting and craft work not supposed to be stressful!!! Your hat is gorgeous, i’m sure your trusted advisers will give it the thumbs-up.

    • That’s what I thought too. Maybe I’m worrying a little too much about it.

      I need a chilly day before I’m prepared to go outside the house in my new hat!


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