Another one off the Production Line

2014-02-05 11.10.13I’ve finished one of the small cardigans I’ve decided to make to use up the never ending ball of wall that was left after I completed my aran jumper, and the rather disappointing beret.  It’s a little more chunky than I had anticipated, and the sleeves look rather disproportionately long, even thought I knitted them shorter than the pattern recommended, but I’m keeping the refrain ‘they’ll grow into it’ in my mind.

The buttons are courtesy of my sister’s button jar, and it was my mother who took the time to sew them on, otherwise I fear the garment might have stayed in that very nearly finished state for quite some time.

It’s incredibly tricky to get a photo which shows the true colour of the wool, so I’ll just have to tell you it is the very ‘on trend’ teal.

There is another cardigan in progress, but I’ve stalled a little, and it might take me some time……

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  1. Rowena! I am seriously impressed by this. If you hadn’t said about the sleeves I wouldn’t have thought anything negative, I was enjoying the chunkiness and the colour and those buttons too much to notice anything that could be wrong. I made a scarf once, years ago, which is still in a drawer attached to the knitting needles…

    • Thanks Gabriela. I hadn’t knitted anything for years, although as a teenager I was making something all the time. My weakness was always the finishing off, so I totally understand having things still on needles decades later. I have the pieces of a sweater which I must have made in the 1980s given the style and texture, which I have never finished – although I may revisit the bag of pieces when I have finished the never ending ball of teal wool!

  2. I’m impressed. But you’re going to get mighty sick of teal soon…

    • I’m a little tired of it already. Rate of production has stalled a little lately, but the never ending ball of wool carries on!


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