Keeping On

2014-02-10 16.42.52I’ve been neglecting you lately.  It’s not that I’ve not been thinking about you, it’s more that I’ve found more excuses, and a couple of genuine reasons for not writing.  There’s the residual reluctance, a general lassitude, and then two days lost in panic over what turned out to be a false positive on a malware detection programme.  (It can take an extremely long time to download additional diagnostic software and then to run it when your internet connection is unstable and capricious.)

But I have been out and about, seeing plays and exhibitions, and thinking about what I might tell you about them, even if I haven’t yet put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to write a complete piece (there are lots of short excerpts, and embryonic rants lined up in my drafts folder).

In case you’ve not seen the news lately, it’s been raining in the UK, even more than usual.  But last week in Trafalgar Square we had that rarest of moments, between the showers, when the clouds cleared to reveal the sky, and the late afternoon sun, low in the sky illuminated the view in front of me.  The streets may really be lined with gold after all.

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  1. Been thinking about you, too. You certainly were in the right spot at the right time for that photo opportunity, weren’t you!? It’s a really great one. We know you’ve been having a rain wave. Do you know we’ve been having a heat wave? Or should be, a heat non-wave, because it’s literally been too hot to wave. heh.

    • It was a lucky photo op, thanks. I’m not envious of your ongoing non wave heat static situation. Sending you some cool wet air …..


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