Blue Skies Over Berlin

IMG_3703I’m still pondering many of the things I saw on my trip to Berlin; some of the monuments and memorials made a deep impression that I need a little time to think about before writing.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the weather.  My friend Jill commented on the greyness of the sky in the photo I posted yesterday, so as we were very lucky to see sunshine and blue sky on a couple of the subsequent days, here’s a shot of the bottom end of Unter den Linden.  I was standing with my back to the Brandenberg Gate looking east.   Unter den Linden is, historically, the main promenading boulevard of central Berlin, named for it’s shading by rows of lime trees.  At the moment it’s a building site, involving some sort of improvements to the Underground system.  Promenading is currently out of the question – indeed on one day the whole road was blocked by the police. On our enforced detour we did come across  places we hadn’t known we had wanted to see, but were glad that happenstance had put on our path.

I like this composition not only for the blue sky, and the fact that you can’t see the mess of construction, but for the cranes in the distance, the old East German TV tower, so familiar from Cold War iconography, the flags, with which were evident everywhere we went, and I simply can’t resist a bit of curvy ironwork on a street lamp.

And for good measure, here’s some more blue sky over Potsdamer Platz where all of the buildings date only from the 1990s and the construction boom that followed the fall of The Wall.


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  1. A perfect blue, especially in Pic #2. My first thought was that it was the central train station in Cape Town, actually! I’ve been to a couple of places in Germany but never Berlin. Wouldn’t mind checking it out one day….along with all the other places I’ve not yet got to.

    • I think the blue looks deeper in the railway station shot because of the whiteness of the buildings. I think the deepest bluest skies I’ve ever seen were in SA, so it’s funny you thought that might be in Cape Town. Not that I know Germany particularly well, but I think Berlin is a place like no other in the country. Definitely put it on your list!


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