Drawing in Clissold Park

After such a dreary and wet winter, the Spring sunshine is very welcome.  Not only was it shining on Thursday, it had been out long 2014-04-10 14.11.48enough to dry the ground sufficiently for me to sit on it and only get slightly damp.

Clissold Park is one of those places in north London that I have driven past more times that I could count, yet have never actually set foot in, so having a drawing class outing there provided an opportunity to tick it off the list of ‘things I’m too ashamed to admit I’ve never done in London’.

We were remarkably lucky with the weather, and as the day progressed more and more people joined us in the park.  Stoke Newington is the land of the organic babycino and all terrain baby buggies, but dog walkers, cyclists and small boys playing football were also lured out  into the open by the sun.  People watching was compulsory and compelling; as well as eavesdropping on conversations.  Or is that just me?  (Fran, over at Sequins and Cherry Blossom recommended the cafe for the people watching, but was silent on the eavesdropping ……)  And our small sketching party drew our own share of attention, and comment, and even a couple of annoying little dogs which weren’t beyond jumping in the water and then shaking themselves over the sketchbooks of my classmates.  It’s all added texture to the al fresco experience.

IMG_3715From some angles it is possible to believe that you are not in London, but instead in a small English Market town, with a Green in front  of the church, beside The Big House, and we spent the day drawing trees and leaves as well as the reflections in the stream.

Later, when I met a friend for supper, she observed that I’d caught a little but of sun on my face.  Now, that’s a proper day out!

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  1. I wish you many more sunny days, after that horrible winter you had! But don’t forget the sunscreen – I’ve become obsessed with using it.

    • Thank you. Unfortunately the sun has now gone (or I’ve travelled north where there is no sun) but I take your point about the sunscreen.

  2. I’m glad you had a fun day in the park – but I think I should mention that I don’t live in Stokey, I just visit there, or else people will think I’m the organic babycino type! 🙂

  3. Hey your drawing has really come along in leaps and bounds Rowena. Clissold park is a good one, tho it’s so long since I was there I,m sure it’s different. Happy you’re all finally having some sunshine after such a wet winter. Wishing you well from California:-)

    • Hi Kathy. How lovely to hear from you – and thank you. It is a relief that I’m improving at the drawing lark! I’m not sure Clissold Park has changed much, apart from the fancying up of the cafe(!) I hope all is well with you back in California – a better weather choice!


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