Coffee, Cake and Sunshine

IMG_3717I hadn’t planned to stop for refreshments.  Really, the plan was to walk around the town to see the changes since I’d been here last, but I’d already been waylaid by my friend’s boutique and a cotton jumper like the one I bought there last year and have worn and worn.  Furnished with my new acquisitions (yes, there were some trousers involved too), I thought I’d spend some time watching the sea in the sunshine.  It would have been rude not to have a coffee and a cake too, wouldn’t it?


Blue Skies


By delightful good fortune, this weekend the sun has shone, the wind has dropped and there has been no snow. It has been a beautiful day to spend at the seaside. And, as always, when I take a road I’ve not tried before, I see something unexpected. Here in St Leonards, around the corner from the rows of pastel coloured plaster fronted houses, we found that pastel can also be used on the flint fronted houses in the old part of town.

And blue sky. I’m enjoying it while it lasts…….

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